Hibiscus Iced Tea

All I want during a hot and humid DC summer is a refreshing ice cold beverage fizzing with carbonation. No I am not cracking open a can of Modelo’s, I have discovered something that satisfies AND is good for me!

This discovery happened at the most unique tea house in Boulder, CO where I ordered hibiscus iced tea with club soda and lime juice. It was AMAZING! So now I am experimenting with variations…. This version is my favorite so far!

Simply brew hibiscus tea (I use one that contains lime as well). I double the bag amount since I know I will dilute the tea. This is a taste preference, I like full flavor 🙂

I let the tea chill, fill a cup 2/3 tea and 1/3 lime flavored seltzer (I like Trader Joe’s version). When I am feeling extra festive I use lime slices to decorate the rim of the glass!

This is a quick and easy drink that anyone can enjoy.



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