So this never ending  journey of self improvement started about 5 years ago underground with Azuka-Bom at Kazaxe (house of positive vibes). Pretty much the most addicting workout you could ever do, it is just a sweaty dance party that you never want to stop! I would come home from college on the weekends just to shake my booty. After college I moved to Alexandria, VA where I could get a daily dose, the spray painted banners and crazy strobe lights just made it so raw and initimate amongst 300 gremlins (what Azuka so sweetly named her followers).

While my cardio routine was going really well I felt I could work on my muscle tone, there was a bootcamp class along with the dance classes run by Coach Maia so I decided to give her a whirl. Man did she kick my ass butt! It was hard but really rewarding and she made a point to speak to each and every one of us to encourage and challenge us. She was begining a monthly nutrition group, where your team mates as well as Maia made you accountable for every item you put in your pie hole. I was selected for the January 2012 group and man did it change my life.

The focus of the nutrition group was getting down to the nitty gritty of what you eat and why. While I am not a food journal person, this really helped me be more consciences of my moods, energy needs and food choices. Maia was also begining her paleo journey which I found so fascinating. With the lifestyle being more mainstream I decided to start researching healthy eating habits and make adjustments to my own diet.

Another requirement of the nutrition group was that we did some form of exercise 6 days a week. I already had a steady routine of Kazaxe booty poppin’ and Maia’s bootcamp but I was craving more so on a whim (thanks to living social) I joined a local CrossFit box. The first day I was terrified….on the drive over I thought of every excuse to delay. I timidly accepted the challenge and mosey-ed on in, I was so relieved by the amazing culture and totally inspired to push beyond my comfort zone.

Crossfit took me to a whole different level mentally, emotionally, physically…. I mean it is a serious mood enhancer when you get in there and kill a WOD. I was doing things I NEVER thought were possible, and it was borderline easy, I won’t push it too far 😉

For me this is a journey, with constant adjustments. I loved Crossfit and never missed an opportunity to go but after a couple of months I felt financially I could be spending my money smarter. I needed Crossfit to take me to the next level with my fitness routine but now that I had the motivation I could workout anywhere. Where one door closes another opens, I found a killer FREE morning “functional fitness” (essentially CrossFit) workout right across from my office!

Along with my functional fitness routine I still go to my first true love kazaxe and I have adopted a mostly paleo diet. My dabble in paleothic eating led me to a Whole30 challenge, a really great program where you remove a bunch of suspicious foods from you diet for 30 days and reintroduce groups to determine how your body responds to things such as lactose, grains, legumes etc .

So as you can see many small steps in the name of my healthy lifestyle has been more successful than one giant leap. I am constantly adjusting my diet to include foods I have researched and deemed as optimal to MY health. I strive to make the healthiest choices possible, whether it involves food, exercise, relationships or finances.  I am human so I make mistakes, Color Me Stango is a place for me to share this adventure, all the great ups and the embarrassing downs. I hope to make you laugh and maybe give you a decent piece of advice…. ENJOY!


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