We found Him

So as a follow up to my post about the Searching for Sugar Man documentary, we found him…. Rodriguez came to DC! I am so selfish, I was secretly hoping no one else saw the film so we could have a private concert but it was so exciting to see it was sold out! There was such a great crowd there to support a really amazing person.

We were all ready with our tickets and cd!

We enjoyed a yummy dinner before the concert and even thought we had time for some fro-yo …. dummies, we walked up to 6th and I and to our surprise there was a line around the block!

We stayed all smiles while waiting in line, Migs is wearing a Duly’sĀ shirt and strangers from Detroit were walking up and introducing themselves. Some guy graduated from Mig’s elementary school in the late 60s!

The concert was at the 6th and I synagogue so it had a really great vibe, very intimate and cozy. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to more events here! Plus if you know me you know I am SUPER interested in Judaism.

The legend

It was so surreal to feel the crowd’s energy and we were in the front row! If you ever have a chance to see him you should jump on it. Also, I would love to hear about other artist/small venues, please recommend!

That cutie is in his 70s!!!!! Still has amazing finger dexterity… I need to start training šŸ™‚


Searching for Sugar Man

Migs has a ridiculous busy work schedule and miraculously had Wednesday off so I took a half day and we had a date.

First thing first that bum šŸ˜‰ needed to buy a computer. I can not tell you how many times I’ve heard him say he was going to get one and then would read that a new version was coming in the spring… and then the fall…. and then the winter… and now 2014… but enough was enough he did it YAY!

We drove to Bethesda for a film that was playing. Along the way Migs was asking what to yelp for my eating habits. I told him to try healthy which yielded nothing, poor America and then eventually we tried gluten free. We found this gem Lilit Cafe and it was AMAZING! He had the crab cake which was highly recommended and I ate a super juicy grilled chicken breast over greek salad (feta on side for him to scarf down). He also ate some homemade gelato, I will be back to try a baked good! We liked it so much he went back Saturday!

Afterwards we saw a PHENOMENAL film, Searching for Sugar Man. It is a true story documented in an interesting way. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a look into how much a humble artist can influence a social uprise. Really spectacular, and we will be seeing Rodriguez in concert next week!


Everyone should YouTube Rodriguez!


Migs finally bought a laptop šŸ™‚