Arlington Farmers’ Market

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday and decided to head over to the Arlington Farmers’ Market. If you are not familiar with the area it is pretty yuppie and very expensive and yet tons of young folks live there (not sure how they afford it). I was warned I needed to get there when it opens (8 am) so I made sure to gather my reusable bags and head out bright and early.

It is in the Courthouse area and actually there was plenty of parking all around. Another plus, it was raining a little so the crowds were light.

They had all kinds of produce there with everything being fresh and in season since it is locally grown. The prices were definitely cheaper than the grocery stores, I was worried since it was a “yuppie” region they might try and up the prices. I ended up with a basil “bush,” lots of veggies (think tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and asparagus) as well as some buffalo meat, YUMMY!

Although I was totally spoiled by my market experience in Boulder CO, this was a good find and I will definitely be back! If you live in a different area you should check for a farmers market, they are becoming very popular and are popping up all over! Google is always a good start as well as Yelp, share your local farmers market experiences as well as any tips for saving money while shopping organic.


Paradise Springs

My friend Shannon and I went to a great little winery so close to DC! It is in Clifton and is called Paradise Springs. It was so quaint and quiet in the outskirts of Main Street, Clifton has such a small country town charm to it (but can be really overpriced) this place was great, affordable wine that was DELICIOUS. They give you the option to bring a picnic (or they have cheese/sandwhiches/meats) and the provide plenty of chairs and tables around the vineyard or out on the deck. It was raining when we went but the deck is covered so everything worked out great.

Every Friday they have live music and I think they are doing a free movies series out on the lawn Saturday nights. If you are looking for something near by and can’t stand the crowds at other wineries, this is the place to go!

We found Him

So as a follow up to my post about the Searching for Sugar Man documentary, we found him…. Rodriguez came to DC! I am so selfish, I was secretly hoping no one else saw the film so we could have a private concert but it was so exciting to see it was sold out! There was such a great crowd there to support a really amazing person.

We were all ready with our tickets and cd!

We enjoyed a yummy dinner before the concert and even thought we had time for some fro-yo …. dummies, we walked up to 6th and I and to our surprise there was a line around the block!

We stayed all smiles while waiting in line, Migs is wearing a Duly’s shirt and strangers from Detroit were walking up and introducing themselves. Some guy graduated from Mig’s elementary school in the late 60s!

The concert was at the 6th and I synagogue so it had a really great vibe, very intimate and cozy. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to more events here! Plus if you know me you know I am SUPER interested in Judaism.

The legend

It was so surreal to feel the crowd’s energy and we were in the front row! If you ever have a chance to see him you should jump on it. Also, I would love to hear about other artist/small venues, please recommend!

That cutie is in his 70s!!!!! Still has amazing finger dexterity… I need to start training 🙂

Reston Concert Series

Every Saturday Reston VA holds a free concert where you can bring chairs and picnic. They usually bring some interesting bands and it is almost as good as the airport for people watching!

Tonight was beautiful, no humidity, high 70s so we set out for some outdoor fun. We set up our chairs in a prime location and walked around the shops with an impromptu photo shoot near the fountains.

Tonight’s band was excellent, their name is Beleza and they were a really great blend of Brazilian music (Samba, Jazz, Funk). Lots of people were up dancing and clapping their hands. The band and especially the lead singer had a lot of
energy. They have several CDs out and tour all over, I will definitely be seeing them again!

Lots of people brought takeout from the 900 restaurants in the area and the man next to me was munching on some French fries that smelled heavenly, but don’t worry I stayed strong!